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Frequently Asked Questions about WRC Stunts :


Q : Do I have to read this FAQ ?

A : No, but it's better reading it before sending me an e-mail.


Q : I can't race all the Rally, I won't be there one (or more) week(s). Am I eliminated ?

A : No, but if you don't race one (or more) part of the Rally, you'll be credited with the worst time of the missing race(s) + 1 second.


Q : Can I race outside the road ? Can I drive through concrete blocks ? …

A : Yes, all tricks or shortcuts are allowed.


Q : I don't like the car, can I use Indy car or a cheated car ?

A : No. You have to use the given car. But sometimes a cheated car will be the given car J.


Q : I am a member of a 4 drivers team. Can we stay 4 in the same team ?

A : No. WRC Stunts is a 3 members per team competition. You have to split your team in 2 sub-teams… But you can still exchange replays like you usually do in your team.


Q : I don't like the track. Can I modify it ?

A : No. Never.


Q : I made a track I like, can it be included in a Rally ?

A : Maybe, send it to me and tell me the car you think it should be raced with. If I find it good, it will be included in a future Rally J. But remember that tracks must not be too long (shorter than 2 minutes, ideally between 1 minute and 1 minute and a half) and should be driven with a “slow” car.


Q : I have another question not listed here !

A : Read the rules also, maybe the answer is there, else send me an e-mail and I'll answer.