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World Rally Championship – Teams classifications :


Results are not official until the end of the rally.

Times in Italic means worst raced time + 4 seconds (1 second for each step of the rally) due to not racing in the rally or invalid replay.


Points classification :

The WRC Stunts Team Champion will be the team with the most amount of points at the end of the 6 rallies.

Remember that only the best 2 drivers of each team count for this one and that Bonus points are included.


 (*) = no team racer


“The Race”, Time classification :

The Yellow Shirt Award (like in French Cycling Tour) will be for the team with less additional time at the end of the 6 rallies.

Remember that this is an average team time (sum of all team members time divided by the number of racers).


  (*) = no team racer


Step victory classification :

The Step Winner will be the team who won the most amount of “step” among the 6 rallies (24 steps in total).

All steps victories of all racers of a team count for this one.


  (*) = no team racer