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Stunts Racing Portal



 Links : This site is only one of the numerous websites dedicated to Stunts, check these below.


The official Stunts chat is at channel #stunts on any EFNet server, managed by Zak McKracken and his bots.


There are different forums dedicated to Stunts competitions :

Zak Mc Kracken forum : the most active forum, and also where you can find a section for WRC Stunts competition, thanks to Zak.

Stunts Message Center : managed by Neil Mc Rae. You can find informations on different Stunts 2 projects there.

The 4DSL forum : part of an abandonware spanish-spoken forum. Dedicated to 4DSL competition. The link is to 4DSL comp, just select "FORO" (forum) on the right.

The HOTU forum : part of the well-known Home of the Underdogs site, check the Stunts topics in "Multiplayer central" part of the forum.


The Stunts newspaper Stunts 'R Us managed by Alain.


You have any question about Stunts : 

     - the perfect gear changes for any Stunts car ?

     - the way to do shortcuts without earning penalty times, especially on dual way tracks ?

     - the IQ of Skid Vicious?

     - the size of Helen's braist ?

Ask the Stunts Oracle !!!


Other Stunts competitions : check the Stunts Racing Portal.

Info : some of these competitions are not active all the year, like WRC Stunts for example.

Happy racing !