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RULES of the WRC Stunts championship :


1/ Shortcuts are allowed but penalty time will count (ZakStunts/Kalpen rules). I will use "RPLinfo" to add times in the scoreboard, but i will verify the replays for potential penalty times at the end of each race (that means each week).

So, results won't be definitive until verification at the end of the “week” of competition.


2/ You have to use the given car. Cheated cars are forbidden except when indicated. The car that has to be used

is written in the Tracks page and in a text file attached with the track in a zip file.


3/ Each rally will last 4 weeks. There will be one different track per week.


4/ The final classification of each rally will be made by making the sum of the 4 times. The one with the shortest

sum will be the winner. So, mathematically, a regular driver can win a rally without winning any track…!


5/ Final points will be given this way :

                1st : 25 points        2nd : 22 points       3rd : 20 points        4th : 18 points        5th : 16 points        6th : 14 points

                7th : 12 points        8th : 10 points        9th : 08 points        10th : 06 points      11th : 04 points      12th : 02 points

                13th to last place : no point.

In case 2 racers end with exactly the same cumulative time at the end of a rally,

points of their 2 positions will be added and divided in 2.

Example : 1st and 2nd have the same cumulative time, then they will both have (25+22)/2 = 23.5 points for each of them.


6/ One bonus point will be given for each “step” (track or week) winner.

So, there will be 4 bonus points to distribute at each rally. There will be a “Step Winner” champion designed

at the end of the Championship for the racer with the most number of “step” victories.

In case 2 racers end with exactly the same time in one step, bonus point will be given to the one who sent his time 1st.


7/ The WRC Stunts Champion will be the racer with the most amount of points after the complete championship

(6 rallies in total), including bonus points.


8/ The “Yellow Shirt Award” will be given to the racer with the less cumulative time

after the 6 rallies (like French Cycling Tour).


9/ Teams are composed of 3 drivers maximum, like in real WRC.

(this rule was written in 2003. Now, there is only 2 racers per team on each rally for real WRC

but I won't change WRC Stunts rule : 3 drivers per team remain acceptable)


10/ IMPORTANT Team line-up modifications :

Drivers can’t change team during a Rally. Team transfer can be made between rallies only.

A transfer won’t allow the new team to earn previous points of their new drivers, that is previous rallies performance

of the driver still belong to his previous team, even if he was the 3rd of his team and didn’t gave points to his previous

team for the Team WRC Championship.

The new member of a team gives his points to his new team from the current (or next) rally only.

A no-team driver can join a team whenever he wants, even during a rally, but only his results of the current

and future rally(ies) only will be for his team.

If he made one or more complete rally(ies) as a no-team driver before, his team won’t earn his points for it.

Team change won’t affect Drivers classifications.


11/ Team points are the sum of the points of the best 2 drivers of the teams, including bonus points, on each rally.

So the best 2 racers of a team may not be the same for all rallies. The team with most points after the end of the championship will be the winner of the Team Championship. That means you should not race alone

but at least with one team-mate to be competitive in this Team Championship.


12/ The “Yellow Shirt Award” (time sum cumulative results) will be given to team also, with team results as time

sum of all team members divided by the number of members (that is an average time performance per team).

Of course, “no team” racers will have their own results on this team “Yellow Shirt Award” championship.


13/ The “Team Step Winner” classification will be the sum of all step victories of the team,

whatever the number of racers.


14/ If a driver doesn't race one week, his time will be the worst time of the week + 1 second.


15/ A driver can enter the competition in a middle of a rally, he will be given the same "worst time + 1 second"

for the tracks of the current rally he didn't take part. Also, he will have "worst cumulative time + 1 second" for previous finished rallies he didn't take part, in order to be classified in WRC drivers championship.


16/ Each week of competition starts at Saturday 21H00 GMT+1 (or +2 according to the current active time in Europe) and ends next Saturday at 20H00 GMT+1 (or +2).

Replay verification between 20H00 and 21H00, and site update around 21H00.

No replay will be accepted after 20H00 GMT+1 (or +2) the Saturday evening.

Please take care if your time zone is different from European one.


17/ Shortcuts, replay handling and all kind of tricks are allowed.


18/ The WRC Championship will last during 6 rallies.


19/ I'm sure I forgot something and I keep this place for it !!! J


20/ Enjoy racing ! J