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KENYA (January 2004) :


General Information :

For this rally, cars used were these :

Track 1 (week 1), car : original Audi Quattro Sport

Track 2 (week 2), car : original Lancia Delta Integrale

Track 3 (week 3), car : cheated Coconut Car Coronet Pulsar Sti-R

Track 4 (week 4), car : original Lamborghini LM-002

Cheated cars (including the one mentioned above) are available in THIS car pack taken from Zak’s site. Just unzip it in your Stunts directory and enjoy.


Steps :    Track 1 : from 3rd January 21H00 GMT+1 to 10th January 20H00 GMT+1.

                Track 2 : from 10th January 21H00 GMT+1 to 17th January 20H00 GMT+1.

                Track 3 : from 17th January 21H00 GMT+1 to 24th January 20H00 GMT+1.

                Track 4 : from 24th January 21H00 GMT+1 to 31st January 20H00 GMT+1.


Click on tracks names to download. Click on track picture to enlarge.


Track 1 : KENYA-1           Track 2 : KENYA-2            Track 3 : KENYA-3            Track 4 : KENYA-4




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