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 OLD NEWS of Argentina Rally :

25th November 2006 :

23H00 : The long awaited finish of the Argentinian rally is there. who raced since mid day ? CTG and Gutix, of course. And who won ? The winner is... CTG ! He did a marvelous 52"60, winning the 4th step AND the rally. Congratulations !

In the meantime, Gutix improved and did 55"70, just 0.1 second faster than Mark for this step.

No new replays received for this 4th step, Paleke and Diesel Joe get the worst raced result + 1 second for this step. they remain respectively 8th and 9th for this rally.

As AbuRaf70 didn't improved, the 6th place is for SuperBrian who is only 0.6 second faster than AbuRaf70. Thanks for this nice fight guys.

Let's go upper in the scoreboard : I finish 5th and with his marvelous 4th step result, Mark takes the 4th place. Well done, it was a tougth fight too for the 4th place.

Zak is on the podium again, at the 3rd place, and Gutix is second. As for the winner, you already know.

Final results of ARGENTINA rally are available HERE.


Let's study now the Drivers scoreboards :

     - Points classification : Gutix takes the lead with 103 point, Zak is now second with exactly 100 points. I go down to 3rd place with 98 points. With this rally CTG overtakes Bonzai Joe for the 4th place. Mark L. Rivers, AbuRaf70, Paleke and diesel Joe joins the scoreboard at 11th (ex-aequo with Alain), 13th, 14th and 15th places respectively.

     - Time classification : Zak is now easily leading and he increased his advance on me again. Gutix and CTG are getting closer and closer, but they are handicaped by the rallies they missed. Maybe one of them can reach 2nd place if I do a very bad UK rally, who knows, but Zak is now almost sure to earn the Yellow shirt award.

     - Steps classification : With 11 step victories, Gutix is unreachable now at this scoreboard. But with 3 new steps victories CTG is now 2nd ex-aequo with Bonzai Joe with 4 step victories.


And what about Teams scoreboards ? Here are the informations.

     - Points classification : With only 1 racer for Cork's Crew this rally, this team earn only 20 points while MeganiuM and Damage Inc.  (with both 2 racers) got 35 and 30 points respectively. Cork's Crew is still leading comfortably but mathematically Damage Inc. and MeganiuM can still win. The fight between these 2 teams for 2nd place will also be a hard one. no other team can mathematically reach the podium, but welcome to Looping Warriors and Poder Sudaka who entered te scoreboard.

     - Time classification : As this scoreboard is the average time per team according to all team members, Cork's Crew managed to earn 5 seconds to MeganiuM. Corck's Crew is now almost sure to win this Yellow shirt award. damage Inc. is almost sure to finish 3rd, but newcomers Looping Warriors may be able to catch the 4th place with the last remaining rally.

     - Steps classification : Looping Warriors join the battle and get the 3rd place so far.MeganiuM is sure to be step winner but battle for 2nd place is possible for any team. Cork's Crew and ooping Warriors mainly, but mathematically every team can reach the 2nd place if they win all steps of the last rally (they would be 2nd equal with Cork's Crew then).


Now I stop talking and will let you discover the very last rally of WRC Stunts. Thanks again for racing this competition.


12H30 : Deadline is approaching fast and I send my official finish time : 59"65. Not enough to catch Mark's place overall. He did a real performance at this last step and he is now out of reach for me, congrats. Still no reaction from Gutix, but his teammate AbuRaf70 is improving : 1'04"25 now. The battle is hard between him and SuperBrian fot eh 6th place : only 0.6 seconds overall between them, nice fight guys, don't give up.

See you all tonight for the BIG update : all scoreboards will be updated and the first track of UK rally will be available. Beware, UK "Rac" Rally is one of the hardest of the WRC championship in the real life, so it will be the same for UK rally of WRC Stunts. See you tonight.

24th November 2006 :

23H30 : 3 new replays today, starting with an improvement from SuperBrian (1'02"45 now). Then, AbuRaf70 joins the battle with a slow 1'04"90. He had computer problems with the end of last step and his improvement never found its way to my mailbox sadly. The third racer today is Zak, with a very good time (56"30), reaching the third place of the step and the second place of the rally overall. But Gutix will probably improve his time until the deadline. Enough to beat CTG ? Answer Saturday evening.

General informations : poll results at Stunt forum confirmed that you want to race UK rally just after the end of Argentinian rally. So be it : UK rally will begin Saturday evening.

23rd November 2006 :

23H00 : Only 1 new time today : I improved my time to reach 1'01"55. Not enough to reach Mark's overall time yet. But I'll try again.

About the "trick" CTG told in the forum 'see yesterday's news), it seems to me that there's nothing special to do with the loop except to cut it. J 

I hope to see Zak, AbuRaf70, Paleke and Diesel Joe race until the deadline. I suspect Gutix to hide his better time. In case he doesn't, then he should start racing or else he will loose this rally versus CTG. Answer in 2 days now.

22nd November 2006 :

23H00 : Another rocket has been launched over WRC Stunts ! CTG takes the lead with 53"65. I can't believe what RPLInfo tells me ! But CTG gave a tip for all of us at Stunt forum. Go to WRC Stunts section and watch Argentinian rally topic. J

21st November 2006 :

22H00 : This is half-time of the match between Lyon and Real Madrid and Lyon is leading 2 to 1. Good.

Mmm ? What ? Results ? Oh, yes. No replay until yesterday evening, when Gutix did a good 1'00"55.

Then I did today a slow 1'05"35 while SuperBrian did 1'02"85. It seems my teammate raced harder than me, isn't it ?

But the leader is not Gutix, no, no... The leader of 4th step is Mark L. Rivers who did 55"80.

Yes, you read it good : 55"80. He is 5 seconds faster than Gutix and 10 seconds faster than me on a short track with the LM-002 !!! How in Hell did he do that awesome performance ? There must have been a cut I didn't find...

With this time, Mark may take the 3rd place overall if Zak can't do faster than 1'01"50 ! Will it happen ? We'll see it soon.

18th November 2006 :

21H00 : 4 new replays tonight. 2 from SuperBrian who finally reached 44"40 without penalty time, nice time and a step podium, well done. 1 replay from Paleke (58"70, no penalty time) and also a replay from Gutix. I'm sure you want to know, right ? Did Gutix managed to overtake CTG for the step victory ? No. He reached second place with a good 43"75 without penalty time.

What does this mean ? Well, CTG won the step and therefore earn one more bonus point. But it also means that there is only 0.3 second in cumulative time in this rally between Gutix and CTG. 3 races, only 0.3 seconds ! Awesome !

Sadly, I had no replay from Diesel Joe, so he gets Paleke's time (the slower one of this step) + 1 second.

One day in the Stunts chatroom, Zak told me that a scoreboard is always this way : "top drivers - big gap - Zak - big gap - the others". this is true today : look at overall scoreboard. CTG and Gutix are 3.5 seconds before Zak, and I'm 4th with 3 seconds behind him. Except if he does a bad last step, Zak is almost sure to remain 3rd of this rally.

But who knows what can happen with the Lamborghini LM-002 ? Who will win the rally : CTG or Gutix ? Can I be faster than Zak by 3 seconds on the small step 4 of Argentinian rally and get the 3rd place or will I loose the 4th place versus a strong come-back of Mark L. Rivers ? Answer in the following week. Now, let's go to race guys.

14H30 : Atonishing time by CTG ! 43"20 without penalty time. Is it necessary to say that he took the lead ? No.

Zak's first attempt has been received too : 46'40 including 3 seconds penalty at the finish.

One last information : I won't improve anymore at this step. See you tonight for the end of the step and the last rush of this rally.

16th November 2006 :

18H30 : 4 new times received today and yesterday. And 2 new co-leaders of step 3 : AbuRaf70 and me with 45"25 (including 3 seconds penalty). Gutix's first replay is a good one with 45"50 without penalty time. Last new time is from Mark L. Rivers who improved 0.05 second : 46"30 without penalty is his new time. Now, I wait for your reactions according to the surprising co-leaders of this step. J

14th November 2006 :

23H30 : I still didn't had time to race but SuperBrian and Mark L. Rivers had. Doing respectively 46"65 (including 3 seconds penalty) and 46"35 (without penalty), they proved that this track is really designed for millisecond war : 4 racers in 0.45 second. That's the way rallies are supposed to be : sharp difference between racers. I like it.

13th November 2006 :

20H00 : 2 new replays today : CTG take the lead of the race with 46"30 (43"30 + 3seconds penalty) and AbuRaf did 56"20 (without penalty time for him). I'll try to overtake CTG for the lead, there's only 0"45 between us. You're warned CTG.

12th November 2006 :

20H30 : The first racer engaged in 3rd step of the rally is SuperBrian. 49"95 with 3 seconds penalty time earned at the finish, so his result is 52"95. I followed him with 43"75 with 3 seconds penalty too, so my time is 46"75 then. This track is perfect for milliseconds battle, I hope to see it soon.

11th November 2006 :

23H30 : Sorry for the delay, my wife was using the computer until 21H00 and then I was watching the rugby match between France and New Zealand (France lost 3 to 47, incredible match by the All blacks).

Well, let's go back to the race. And the winner of step 2 of Argentinian rally is... CTG !

Before that, Zak took the lead with 1'13"50, then AbuRaf secured his 6th palce with another improvement, reaching 1'18"80. A few moments later CTG took the lead definitively with an impressive 1'12"65 ! But it was not over : Paleke joined the race with 1'24"45. Better than SuperBrian who didn't improved, but overall Paleke remain behind SuperBrian due to his 1st step result.

Was it over ? No. Mark L. Rivers joined too with 1'16"75, securing the 5th place, quickly followed by Gutix, who took the 2nd place of the step finally with 1'13"00. This time is sufficient for him to keep the lead overall, but CTG is now less than 1 second behind him. Rally victory is now clearly a fight between Zak, CTG and Gutix. Only 1"15 between Gutix (first) and Zak (third) on overall scoreboard.

And finally, another driver joined the rally : Diesel Joe from Damage Inc. with a slow 1'24"10. He could have done better but you know : exams and so on... According to the rules, he got worst time of step 1 with an additionnal 1 second (that is 59"90) as step 1 time.

Now you know everyhting and you can start to race step 3 of Argentinian rally. I modified the track scenery to make an happy face on it in order to celebrate the great victory of Argentina versus England in rugby. Yes, France is not the only European country which has been defeated by a South Hemisphere country in rugby today. Let's race it with Audi Quattro, and I expect another fight as sharp as step 1 on this track. Gentlemen, start your engines !

16H30 : This update is just for you to know my official last time is known : 1'15"35.

I received 5 other replays from AbuRaf70, CTG, Paleke, Gutix and Zak McKracken, but they will be published only ay tonight's update. Saturday is blind race day. Will zak remain leader of step 2 at the end of the day ? You'll know tonight between 20H00 and 21H00 GMT+1.

General informations : I made a mistake before : Paleke is member of Poder Sudaka team, and not Poder Suzuka. Sorry...

10th November 2006 :

23H00 : Here is the only replay received today : Gutix with 1'14"45. This time puts back Gutix to the lead overall, but Zak remains step leader ss far. Sadly there's still no replay from Mark or Paleke for the moment. I hope to see them race tomorrow. I'll race tomorrow too, I had not much time for Stunts racing this week.

19H00 : OK guys, here are the replays received yesterday 9th of November : Zak is still motivated to win his first step victory at WRC Stunts and he shows it taking the lead of the step with 1:14,20 and so taking the lead overall !

In the meantime, AbuRaf70 improved again and he did 1:19,25. Personnally I improved after making the last update reaching 1:20,45.

I'll update later the replays received today.

8th November 2006 :

20H30 : Today SuperBrian made his move to step 2. And he overtook me by 0.05 second. Overall, I remain before him for only 0.15 second. That's sharp. But I will race again and I hope to improve.

General information : I won't be home tomorrow evening, so do not expect any website update until friday.

7th November 2006 :

20H30 : CTG strikes back ! Impressive time by CTG : 1'14"90. It's no use to say that he now leads step 2 and overall scoreboard. But Gutix and Zak will react, that's sure.

6th November 2006 :

19H30 : Nice improvement from AbuRaf70 (1'20"40) and first attempts by CTG (new step leader with 1'16"25) and Gutix (1'17"15).

Additionnal times from step 1 and 2 so far makes only 0.3 seconds between CTG and Gutix. Zak is relegated 2 seconds behind for the moment at overall scoreboard but everything remains possible and he still can win.

Battle for 4th place is also sharp : with his new time AbuRaf70 is provisionnal 4th with 0.3 second (again) difference with me. But Mark L. Rivers and SuperBrian had not joined the race so far, so everything can change again.

5th November 2006 :

21H30 : Already 3 racers started the 2nd step : AbuRaf was first with 1'24"40, then Zak took the lead with 1'18"80. I followed them with 1'21"95. This track offers some tricks and cuts, performing them will make the difference between the racers.

General information : I was on holidays last week and therefore was able to do updates in the middle of the day. These holidays are finished and so I will only do 1 update per day starting from now, in the evening, and only if new replays have been sent of course.

Poll in ZakStunts forum : I started a poll in ZakStunts forum about the date you would prefer for the next rally (UK "RAC" rally), please vote. It's there.

4th November 2006 :

21H00 : What a fight ! Zak made his way to the lead with 49"15, just 0.05 second before Gutix and he was potential winner for one hour. but... Gutix felt the potential risk and improved too, winning his 11th step in a row  in WRC Stunts with an incredible time : 48"50 !!! Impressive Gutix is back, even if he doesn't show his skills in current ZakStunts tracks.

Too bad for Zak who is only 2nd in this step, but he gain more than 2 seconds from me in "yellow shirt" scoreboard anyway.

One more thing : I made a mistake because times are GMT+1 and not GMT+2. That's corrected.

Now, let's go for the 2nd step with Lancia Delta Integrale. Enjoy !

10H30 : This night I got 2 new replays : a 5th one from ultra-motivated AbuRaf70 (52"75 now, getting closer to the top step by step) and a new record from Gutix, taking the lead with 49"20 ! And he told me he would not be racing at his best...! Well, what can he do then if he starts to race at his best ?

Now, it's time for Zak and CTG to react, deadline for step 1 is only in a few hours. See you then for the final update of step 1 and the beginning of step 2.

3rd November 2006 :

21H30 : There's battle at every position of the scoreboard !!! AbuRaf70 and SuperBrian both improved, reaching respectively 53"20 and 51"70. Their position don't change so far but now we have 3 racers in battle for 4th position with only 0.2 second difference. Excellent ! Too bad I decided to stop my race at 51"50, because I fear I'll be beaten by Mark L. Rivers and SuperBrian soon... And maybe AbuRaf70 too.

16H00 : That's official now : Mark L. Rivers is the 4th new racer to join WRC Stunts competition. A good start with 51"60, just 0.1 second behind the 4th place so far. That's a good beginning for the Italian who may take a part of the podium fight soon..

2nd November 2006 :

22H00 : CTG takes back the lead with another atonishing time : 49"70. Only 0.2 seconds between the 2 leaders, that's the kind of "fight for milliseconds" I wanted to see, like real WRC fights between S. Loeb and M. Gronholm.

Also, a 3rd new driver joins the competition after AbuRaf70 and SuperBrian : Paleke, from Poder Suzuka team. Welcome.

Aaaaaaand... Another new racer in Argentina rally : Gutix ! His time : 50"30, which puts him in 3rd place. Only 0.6 seconds between the 3 provisionnal podiumers. Nice fight ! Keep it up guys, I can't wait to see your final rush for the step victory.

Mark L. Rivers is about to join too (he sent a mail I didn't received it seems) and may modify the podium. Race is far from over, stay tuned !

1st November 2006 :

20H00 : What happened ? A rocket has been launched over Argentinian rally ! Zak jumped directly from 4th place to the 1st one, breaking the limit of 50 seconds at the same time ! Is it AbuRaf70 improvements that made him fear ? Is it the will of having, at last, his 1st step victory ? Is it the anguish to see Gutix joining with an atonishing time ? I don't know, but Zak made a really good performance. Will someone be able to catch him ?

12H00 : AbuRaf is motivated, nice member for MeganiuM Aces High team. With 54"20, he is now only 1 second behind 4th place still occupied by Zak. Well done, keep it up this way ! J

31st October 2006 :

10H00 : I forgot to say that during WRC Stunts break CTG left Damage Inc. to join the Looping Warriors.

And what about the scoreboard ? Well, AbuRaf improved by almost 4 seconds but remains at the same place and I improved my time also, taking the lead with 51"50. This one is my final time for this track.

I hope to see Zak and CTG improve and I also hope to see Gutix join the race. Else, the overall points victory will be impossible for him to claim as Zak and I already joined. We'll see...

30th October 2006 :

11H00 : CTG takes the lead with a very good 52"05 made with auto-transmission. I made my 1st attempt just slower than him : 52"35. But I plan to go under 52 seconds, beware CTG.

29th October 2006 :

20H00 : 2 other racers joined the competition : SuperBrian and Zak McKracken. SuperBrian took the lead with a time of 56"05, but a few minutes later Zak overtook him with 53"25. But SuperBrian was in the mood of Stunts racing this afternoon and he improved to take back the lead with 52"95.

I like it, only the first day and already a battle for the lead for only 0.3 seconds. That's the best way to celebrate the 3rd WRC Champion title for Sebastien Loeb.

01H00 (all times are GMT+1) : Only a few hours after the beginning, AbuRaf70 is already racing at his homeland rally. 1st reference time is 59"25.

28th October 2006 :

Here we go again, first track is available, race it with Coconut Car Coronet Pulsar Sti-R. If you don't have this cheated car, then download HERE the cheated cars pack (or see the download page) and simply unzip the zip file in your Stunts directory.

Remember that each track last only 1 week : 4 weeks rally, 4 tracks, one per week. That's the way WRC Stunts works.

Fasten your seatbelt and go !

8th October 2006 :

After a 2 years break, we are finally back for the last 2 rallies of the WRC Stunts championship. I hope you didn't missed us too much, sorry for this delay.

New rally will start very soon and will take place in Argentina.

ZakMcKracken,one of the most regular drivers at WRC Stunts, is currently injured and can't really race. So, I wait for him to be fully "operational" before starting this rally. Therefore, Argentinian rally should begin at the end of October : the 28th of October, 21H00 GMT+1 to be precise. Be there ! J


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