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 OLD NEWS of Kenyan Rally :

1st February 2004 :

Well, here it is : THE BIG UPDATE !!!

And sorry, I made the Kenya rally results update yesterday but forgot to updload it !!! Stupid me !


Let's go for Drivers champinship first (see Drivers Champ. page for scoreboards) :

Points classification : without surprise, top 3 are racers that took part at the first 2 rallies. Bonzai Joe is the leader, just before me and Zak. But it's only the 2nd rally of 6, and everything remains possible for our new racers (CTG, rally winner, Gutix, and Satanziege) or those who raced the 1st rally (Alain, Alan Rotoi, Neil McRae).

"The Race" ("Yellow shirt award") : again, same top 3 but Zak McKracken leads due to his good regularity in performance. Then we have 6 racers (from CTG to Alan Rotoi, see scoreboard on Drivers page) on the same minute !

Last 3 : Warner Bros racers and Mushi (will Mushi really race one day ?) can now forget to earn this award.

Step winners classification : with another step victory, Bonzai Joe is easily leading here. Gutix is second due to his really good performance. Alan Rotoi and CTG are equal 3rd with 1 point. All others have no point, but we have 4 rallies left, that is 16 step winning points to distribute, so everyone has a chance here.


Now, let's examine Team Championship (see Teams Champ.  page for scoreboards) :

Points classification : who will stop Cork's Crew ? Helped with the fact I left Orion team (but my points on Italy remain to Orion) and that Alain didn't race on Kenya, they are easy leaders on this ranking. I remember that in this ranking only top 2 drivers of each team give points to their team, that means Cork's Crew points are Zak's and Satanziege's in Kenya.

"The Race" ("Yellow shirt award") : for the same reason, Cork is leading here. But MeganiuM team, 2nd so far, doesn't have a big advantage to Orion or Damage Inc., especially because of Mushi's "performance" on Italy (he enlisted but sent only 1 invalid replay...).

Step winners classification : due to Bonzai Joe's results, Cork's Crew is leading, just before MeganiuM team. 3rd is Damage Inc. with only 1 point. Other teams has no points so far but everything remains possible.


Well, now I'll stop talking and let you study the scoreboards. The Swedish rally is programmed in March.

Don't forget to try the IMSA Cup in the meantime, supposed to begin in March (I still don't know when exactly because I'm quite late in track designing : only 2 tracks are made so far).

Thanks again to those who raced this rally, see you soon on any Stunts competition of  .

31st January 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

And Gutix does it again !!! 2 replays on the last day, and step victory again ! J

He was almost able to overtake me from 2nd place on this rally. Very impressive finish.

But no one could ever stop CTG for winning in Kenya : 1st rally for CTG, and 1st victory. J

I keep 2nd place and Gutix took 3rd.

Then, we have the 3 Cork racers, Zak and Satanziege are the 2 best and so it's their points that will count for team points.

Without surprise, last places are for Warner Bros racers who had no time to race this week.

I update just the race results for now, I plan to make the BIG site update with ALL scoreboards updated in the next days.

30th January 2004 :

CTG sent 2 new replays, and is now sure not to be caught by surprise by Gutix this time. J

I also received a replay from Zak, the LM0002 specialist, fighting with me for the leading of Drivers Championship after 2 rallies. Good. But Gutix can still be before him on this rally, beware Zak !

One day before deadline, race hard guys !

28th January 2004 :

I found the best way to make CTG do killer times : I just have to be faster than him and defy him on chatroom.

Then, he race like a mad man to beat me. J Good. Now, no one will be able to beat him on Kenya !

27th January 2004 :

Satanziege was the 1st to try Kenya-4, followed by CTG and me.

There is still indecision for the winner : CTG or me ? And the 3rd : will it be Gutix or Zak ?

Also, there is a hard fight for 7th place between Tweety Bird and Daffy Duck.

This is the last week of the rally, try to be as fast as Sebastien Loeb on Monte-Carlo ! J

24th January 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

A marvelous fight on the last day, with 5 replays from Gutix, one improvement from satanziege, one from Daffy Duck, one from me, and also one replay from Zak. Too bad I had no replay from Bonzai Joe...

And the winner of 3rd step is... Gutix ! J

CTG, too confident, didn't race and was overtook by a very motivated Gutix, who is now at the 3rd place of the rally so far. Good job.

This 3rd track was very interesting, with very small differences between racers, like in real WRC : less than 4 seconds between the top 5. I like it. J

Now, let's go for the final step of this rally, and you'll race it with original LM0002 car. Happy racing.

23rd January 2004 :

This was the day of impressive replays today :

CTG didn't like to see me faster than him and so he raced hard to reach a marvelous time below 50 seconds !

Also, Warner Bros racers raced this step and Tweety managed to make a really good replay for his age (he is 6 years old), much faster than his older (9 years old) brother Daffy !!! Good job !

22nd January 2004 :

Still not very active, only 3 racers on this step so far, but I improved and took the 1st place of Kenya-3 for now.

I hope to receive new replays from the others : BJ, Zak, Gutix, ...

21st January 2004 :

CTG sent his 1st replay, with a good time, and takes the lead on this step.

Satanziege, still very motivated, improved his time and overtook me. Good job !

19th January 2004 :

After a replay made with the wrong Coconut car (the IMSA one), Satanziege finally did a very good time with the good car ! J I also made a time, only 0.15 second faster than Satanziege. Now, it's your turn guys : start your engines !

17th January 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

A week with a small activity : no replay from Warner Bros racers nor Bonzai Joe, who now is many seconds behind CTG, the new leader so far with his marvelous victory on the second step, obtained with a replay sent 5 days ago.

Gutix proved his motivation and sent 2 improvements, and doing that he finished 3rd this step, behind a surprisingly slow Zak and Satanziege.

3rd track is now available, and you must race it with a cheated car, the Coconut car Coronet Pulsar Sti-R. So, if you had not done it yet, download the cheated cars pack HERE and unzip it to your Stunts directory to have this car.

Happy racing and remember that deadline for 3rd track is next saturday, 20H00 GMT+1.

13th January 2004 :

I raced a few tonight and did a time below 1 minute too. J And Gutix sent his first replay for 2nd step of Kenya rally. Now, replays from the others are awaited.

12th January 2004 :

CTG very motivated for Kenya-2, with 5 replays in 2 days ! Starting 1:10,65 he finally reached 0:58,85 !!! Wow !

Also, a first replay from me. Much slower than that.

9th January 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

An active final for the 1st track, with 2 improvements from Gutix, one improvement from Satanziege and one from me.

But no one could reach Bonzai Joe's performance. another step win for BJ.

Now, 2nd track is on the way, race it with Lancia Delta Integrale. Happy racing.

And if you missed the 1st track, it's not so important, you can enter a WRC Stunts rally whenever you want. J

9th January 2004, 10H00 GMT+1 :

Only a few hours until the end of 1st Kenya track. Deadline is 20H00 GMT+1 tonight.

And 3 new replays : 2 from Warner Bros racers, and one improvement from me.

Will someone be able to reach BJ's performance...?

7th January 2004 :

2 new replays : Gutix, new racer in this competition from MeganiuM Aces High team, and Bonzai Joe, taking the lead with the first time below 1 minute !!!

6th January 2004 :

Another new racer, Satanziege, sent a replay yesterday. Welcome aboard !

4th January 2004 :

A new racer, CTG, joins the competition and takes the lead, just before Zak. And me ? I'm far behind...

3rd January 2004 :

That's it, 2nd rally of WRC Stunts begins tonight.

Innovative design is that all races will take place on the same map. Of course, only track 1 is available for now.

Some parts of the other tracks are made already, and all parts with cars are representing people working on future tracks.

Now I'll stop talking, and go racing. Car of the week is the original Audi Quattro Sport.

Happy racing.

Oh, also there was one team change : I left Orion and founded Damage Inc. with CTG.

29th December 2003 :

Second rally will begin soon : 2004, saturday, 3rd of January, 2004, 21H00 GMT+1. Be there !


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