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 OLD NEWS of Swedish Rally :

4th April 2004 :

And here is the complete update after the 3rd rally.

Winner, without doubt, after winning the 4 steps of the rally, is GUTIX. Congratulations !


Let's go for Drivers champinship first (see Drivers Champ. page for scoreboards) :

Points classification : and I am leader just before Zak, only because we both raced the 3 rallies. CTG and Gutix are right behind, and Bonzai Joe, who missed 3rd rally, is going down to 5th place. Satanziege climbs to 7th place, just behind tweety who also race in the 3 rallies.

"The Race" ("Yellow shirt award") : this is interesting. Zak is leading and I am second, because of racing the 3 rallies, Bonzai joe is still 3rd, but with now more than one minute late. Then we have CTG and Gutix with only 0.4 seconds of difference between then after 8 races for them !!!

Step winners classification : Gutix is the one and only leader here, with 4 new step victories, behind Bonzai Joe. alan Rotoi and CTG have only 1 points. Others, nothing.


Now, let's examine Team Championship (see Teams Champ.  page for scoreboards) :

Points classification : with 2 or 3 racers regularly here since the beginning of the competition, Cork's Crew is an easy leader in team points. Second is Damage Inc, with also 2 racers in the last 2 rallies. 3rd we have MeganiuM team, but they have only 1 racer on each rally, that's a handicap, even if Gutix won Sweden rally with 4 bonus points.

"The Race" ("Yellow shirt award") : Cork's Crew is still leading, but the gap between them and the 2 following teams, MeganiuM and Damage Inc., is decreasing fast.

Step winners classification : Gutix filled his "steps points box" with 4 points with this rally and so MeganiuM takes the lead in this category. Cork's Crew is now second, Damage Inc. stays 3rd with one point.


Now we have a WRC Stunts break. See you after summer holidays for the 4th rally that will be 100% paved road.


3rd April 2004 :

22H00 GMT+1 : Ok. Lets go for final results : new replays from Satanziege, CTG, Gutix and me.

Satanziege, well, he raced only a few this week and his result shows that... You could have done better 'm sure.

CTG, aaaah, will he beat Gutix's 1:05 ? No. Gutix is now sure to win step 4. But CTG improved 2 seconds, it's good.

Gutix, well, how can he improve his time ? Mmmm, what, did I saw it well ? 2 more seconds improved ?! WOW !

He is definitively the master of Sweden rally !

Last replay, well, too bad Zak didn't raced step 2, because it costs him the 3rd place that will finally be mine.

Don't worry, I'll update soon the complete results with racers and teams overall results. J

08H00 GMT+1 : I improved again. Only 0.2 seconds more to improved and I'll be 3rd.

And what do I see in my mailbox ? CTG overtook Zak by 0.05 sec. Good for step winner fight.

Mmmm, what else ? Gutix. And... Gutix killed the competition with an awesome time again !!!!!!!!!

2nd April 2004 :

22H00 GMT+1 : I can't let Zak be 3rd of the rally without a fight. So I did my 1st real time on step 4. If I can do a time faster than 1:10,30 and if Zak can't improve, I'll be 3rd. You are warned Zak, I CAN reach that time. J

And one of the Warner Bros finally decided to join, Tweety Bird did a not so bad time according to his age.

One day remaining, I hope to get many replays tomorrow, starting with Satanziege who had not raced step 4 so far...

14H00 GMT+1 : After 2 days without any replay, fight is back.

And CTG takes the lead... For a few minutes only until Zak (yes, not Gutix, Zak J) overtook him !!!

Gutix's answer is awaited. J

30th March 2004 :

Our two leaders of Sweden raced their 1st try on step 4, taking the first 2 places. Guess who is leading the 4th step...

29th March 2004 :

Here we go for the last step of competition for this 3rd rally. And Zak is the 1st to race. Ouch ! What a time !

Very good beginning from Zak, wanting to reach 3rd place on this rally.

Let's see if I can race that fast... Mmmm. No. Not for now. J

27th March 2004 :

21H00 GMT+1 : CTG improved to reach 0:52,65. He was so close to step victory... But Gutix can't afford to be second in any step, even if he is now almost sure to win the rally. And he did... 0:52,40 ! Gutix won step 3. 5th step victory in a row !

Now, let's go for the final step of Sweden rally with LM0002.

12H00 GMT+1 : Still no replay form top 2 racers. But Satanziege and I improved our times. I was so focused on the top racers' duel that I forgot to tell it last night. But I'm sure you noticed that when watching scoreboard. J

02H00 GMT+1 : 19 hours before step 3's deadline, CTG takes the lead on step 3 for only 0.25 second ! Not enough to be dangerous for Gutix in overall time of the rally, but a really good performance. Gutix is the man to beat, here, in Sweden !

But, a few minutes after CTG's replay, Gutix improved again ! Is he taking the lead again at step 3 ? NO!!! He improved only 0.1 second ! CTG is still leading step 3 with 0.15 second !!! Oh gosh ! Oh golly ! OH WOW ! WHAT A RACE !

26th March 2004 :

Nice reaction from CTG : he reached exactly the same time as Gutix ! I love to see that kind of fights. J

Also, Zak sent his 1st replay for step 3 and took 3rd place so far.

Me ? Well, I'm the only one using the left way of the track it seems, with those jumping islands. So my improvement is still a shitty time... I promise to use the right way tomorrow. J

25th March 2004 :

Gutix wants to win all steps of this rally ! He improved and did an incredible time, right under 54 seconds.

Do I have to say he is our new leader for step 3 and so CTG can see his hope for rally win go far far away...

Everyone awaits for CTG's reaction. And I also wait for Zak's replay for step 3...

24th March 2004 :

The awaited battle begins between CTG and Gutix. 2 replays for the current rally leader, Gutix, 59 and then 56 seconds.

But CTG improved one second and keeps the lead for now with only 0.45 second in advance.

23rd March 2004 :

Impressive time from CTG for step 3, taking the lead again. Goooood.

22nd March 2004 :

First replays for step 3, one from Satanziege and a slow one from me.

But everyone awaits for THE fight between CTG and Gutix of course. J

20th March 2004 :

Gutix won the second step, this is his 4th step victory in a row (counting victories on last 2 steps of Kenyan rally).

The only one remaining to challenge Gutix for rally victory is CTG.

Zak missed his 1st WRC Stunts race since the beginning of the competition, and so he got the last raced result + 1 second. Hopefully for him, none of the WB racers decided to race this step, and he can still be in competition for 3rd place of the rally with Satanziege and me.

Now, I'll stop talking and let you enjoy step 3 with Audi Quattro Sport original car. Have a nice race.

19th March 2004 :

Gutix improved 1 second more ! Incredible !!! How much faster can he go ?

After watching my teammate's replay, I improved a few (almost 10 seconds ! J ) and took back 3rd place, far behind Gutix. But Zak had not sent a replay so far and I won't probably stay at this 3rd place for long...

18th March 2004 :

I can't believe the times I receive. CTG reached 56 seconds 2 days ago and now Gutix did 54 seconds. This is crazy !!! J

16th March 2004 :

CTG does it again ! Marvelous leading time !

16th March 2004 :

CTG sent his 1st replay for Sweden-2 track, and it's a very good one. Impressive time under one minute. J

15th March 2004 :

Another replay, a shitty one from me this time. And as CTG, Gutix and Zak had not raced yet for step 2, Satanziege is our current leader ! J

14th March 2004 :

He was the last one to race at 1st step, he is now 1st to race at second step : Satanziege sent a replay.

13th March 2004 :

21H00 GMT+1 : No one can stop Gutix at the moment ! He is our 1st step winner !

Satanziege sent his replay and reached 4th place, another proof that he is improving month after month. J

Now, let's go for the 2nd step with the original Lancia Delta Integrale.

14H00 GMT+1 : A few hours before 1st step's deadline, I finally reached a time under 1 minute, and Gutix takes the lead with a marvelous time.

12th March 2004 :

The real fight begins ! Gutix joined the battle with 2 replays and reached 3rd place so far.

CTG improved his time and took 1st place to Zak. Still no news of Alain or Satanziege who told me they would join...

Oh, I almost forgot, I improved a little but stay far behind the top 3 leaders. J

10th March 2004 :

Hard battle between CTG and Zak ! And Zak is the new leader. But beware of Gutix "last minute replay" specialist...

9th March 2004 :

CTG sent his 1st replay and takes the lead with a good time. Only 3 racers so far... Where are you guys ?

8th March 2004 :

First replay from Zak McKracken, the current leader of "The Race" classification, with, of course, a time below 1 minute.

7th March 2004 :

Only 5-minutes-made-with-auto-gears- replay from me so far...

Under one minute is possible of course. Waiting for your replays.

6th March 2004 :

Here it is, the 3rd WRC Stunts rally. Welcome aboard everyone !

We are now in SWEDEN and roads are very icy.

1st track is here to prepare you to the last 3 where you will cross the icy lake of the map !

Car used will be the same as previous rallies, but order will be different in order to reproduce the real rallies where your car is getting more and more damaged as rally evolves. So, the fastest car will be used 1st and the slower last.

Also, as 2nd rally (Kenya), all tracks will be on the same map, and you can see parts of next tracks under construction while you are racing.

One last word : if you are new here, don't worry. Everyone can join, even when rally has begun. J

Now I will stop talking and will let you race, happy racing everyone !

28th February 2004 :

Finally, I am much too late in track designing to make the 3rd IMSA Cup this month.

So, instead I make the 3rd rally of WRC Stunts ! I hope it will make you patient until the long-awaited 3rd IMSA Cup.


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