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 OLD NEWS of UK Rally :

23rd December 2006 :

21H00 : Here is the final update of WRC Stunts.

Some replays have been received since last update, let's study them :

First, CTG sent his last strike, taking the lead with 0'51"85. Will he win another step victory ? Maybe... We'll see this a few moments later because after CTG this was AbuRaf70's last rush with a good time of 0'55'70, followed by Mark L. Rivers who did 0'53"40, just 0.1 second faster than Zak on this step.

Then, I did a new lap and did 0'56"90. I remain last of this step, but that's logical : I'm the only one who did the loop cut from the left instead of from the inside. I lost many time there.

Was it all finished ? no : Gutix had another bullet in his hands : 0'50"90 !!! An impressive bug jump at the finish of the track made me win the race due to his cut over the water. Congratulations then to Gutix, winner of the UK rally which was the faster of all the rallies raced before.

Final results of UK rally are available HERE.


17 racers took part of this competition. I want to thank you all for racing.

Let's study now the Drivers scoreboards :

     - Points classification : Gutix got 4 new bonus points, reaching 29 new points overall. 132 points for him, he his the great winner of the WRC championship, even if he missed the first rally. Applause please for Gutix. Thanks.

Podium is completed by Zak McKracken (2nd overall with 120 points) and me, Krys Toff (114 points overall).

CTG would have been on the podium instead of me if he had not missed 2 of the 6 rallies. Sadly for him, he remains at the worst place : the 4th one. Chocolate medal for CTG.

No change for overall 5th and 6th place : Bonzai Joe and Satanziege keep their place.

Nice result for Mark L. Rivers, reaching with his second 4th place an overall score of 36, making him 7th equal with Tweety Bird (who had raced 3 rallies while Mark raced only 2).

AbuRaf70 and SuperBrian had also a hard fight, finally won by the Danish like last rally. But Alan Rotoi (29 points overall) still had one more point than SuperBrian (28 points). So, Alan is 9th and SuperBrian takes the 10th place.

Diesel Joe is 11th with 26 points and AbuRaf70 takes the 12th place with 24 points.

Then, there are Daffy Duck (13th with 22 points), Alain (18 points), Neil McRae (16 points), Paleke (10 points) and Mushi (8 points).

    - Time classification : Zak McKracken was untouchable (lucky he was that Gutix and CTG missed some rallies) and he gets the "Yellow Shirt Award". It was logical that such a good cyclist like him won this title. Applause too for Zak please. Thanks again.

I'm second on this classification, followed by gutix and CTG (but only because, like Zak, I raced all the rallies). Anyway, there is only 1 "Yellow Shirt" racer. Beeing 2nd or 17th has no importance. Only the 1st one can have that kind of award. Congrats Zak, I know it was your goal, you achieved it.

    - Steps classification : with 4 new steps victories in this rally, Gutix is the untouchable winner at this classification, with 15 victories among 24 possible (but only 20 possibilities of victory as he missed one rally). Impressive performance.

Behind him, far behind, there are CTG and Bonzai Joe at equal 2nd place with 4 points. According to their rallies victory (2 for CTG, one for BJ), I consider CTG second and BJ third.

4th classified is Alan Rotoi with 1 single step victory.

All other racers are not classified, as none of them managed to win a step.


And why not studying Teams scoreboards now ? Let's go.

     - Points classification : I remind you that for teams the system is to add the points of the 2 best racers per team. Therefore, MeganiuM Aces High and Damage Inc. had an advantage for the UK rally because there was 2 racers engaged in these teams while others had only 1. But Cork's Crew had enough advance to remain at the 1st place overall for only a few points before MeganiuM (196 versus 193), mainly due to Zak's podium on the last 3 rallies.

Damage Inc. takes the 3rd place in this team scoreboard with 188 points. Too bad CTG left this team for Looping Warriors for the last 2 rallies, else Damage Inc. would have won this team scoreboard.

Here is the rest of the classification : Warner Bros are 4th (59 points), followed by Looping Warriors (50 points) and Orion (38 points). Then we have 2 "no team" racers : Mark L. Rivers is 7th (36 points) and Neil McRae (16 points). Last team : Paleke's Poder Sudaka which is 9th with 10 points.

     - Time classification : This scoreboard is for each rally is the average time of all racers engaged per team. MeganiuM is then penalized compared to Cork's Crew or Looping Warriors for UK rally.

As for the racers' classification, only the winner has the "Yellow Shirt Award". And the winner is : Cork's Crew !

Behind them, MeganiuM is second, Damage Inc third, Orion fourth, Looping Warriors 5th, Neil McRae 6th, Mark L. Rivers 7th, Warner Bross 8th and Poder Sudaka 9th.

     - Steps classification : Is it needed to say that Gutix's team, MeganiuM, is the winner ? Of course not : 16 steps victories for this team (15 for Gutix, 1 for Alan Rotoi).

Second team is Cork's Crew with Bonzai Joe's 4 step victories.

The podium is completed by Looping Warriors and CTG's 3 step victories.

Last team classified is Damage Inc. with one victory (won by CTG before he joined Looping Warriors).

Other teams has no step victory and therefore are not classified.


Now it's all over. WRC stunts competition is finished and closed. I want to thank again all racers who took part of it, especially AbuRaf70 who always sent me good comments on all his mails with his replays.

This was my 2nd Stunts competition after IMSA Cup, and I prepare (slowly, too slowly, I know) and 3rd one which will be really different than any other. Its name is Stunts Career. check ZakStunts' forum for more information about it.

Bye, bye everyone, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, congrats to the winners and see you on the Stunts scoreboards.


21st December 2006 :

23H30 : SuperBrian made his first attempt on 4th UK step, reaching 0'55"70. I really have to race again, I'm last driver of this step so far.

20th December 2006 :

23H30 : Guess who took the lead of stp 4 today... Zak ? No, he got provisionnal 3rd place with a time of 0'53"50. Gutix ? Right, of course. 0'52"80 is the new leading time he made. Another step victory for Gutix or will somebody react ?

19th December 2006 :

23H00 : Three new replays today. first, CTG takes the lead with a good time : 0'53"15 It will be hard for Zak to do more than 1 second better, but who knows ?

In the afternoon AbuRaf70 improved his time reaching 0'55"95. And a few minutes ago I did my first try with the slower time so far : 0'58"25.

17th December 2006 :

23H30 : And as usual the first racer starting to race is AbuRaf70. With always the same motivation he does a good start with a time of 0'57"70.

Mark L. Rivers decided that racing only the last day of the track is dangerous (even if he did a great result last week racing this way) and so he joined this track too, taking the lead with 0'54"30.

I hope to see a sharp race this week, a real war for milliseconds.

16th December 2006 :

20H30 : I would like to apologize for making the update only now but I had only a few moments free yesterday and I spent them racing for USC competition instead of making the update.

Well, let's study all that happened chronologically :

 - First, there had been a MeganiuM attack in the night between thursday and Friday : 0'57"05 for AbuRaf70 and 0'50"50 for Gutix. Still no problem for Zak's leading.

 - Second event : Zak improved again. As he was unable to race on saturday, he sent his last replay on friday afternoon. And it's an atonishing time of 0'46"15 !!! Zak is a killer this week !

 - A few minutes later, CTG sent his improvement : 0'47"15. Only 0.05 second faster than previous leading time by Zak, but 1 full second too slow according to the new leading time. Hard fight between the two Hungarians !

 - AbuRaf70's new improvement (0'55"90) doesn't change this step's scoreboard and Zak remains a strong leader for this step at the end of friday.

Then here are saturday's replays :

 - Mark L. Rivers joined this step with a time of 0'52"00. For sure he can improve.

 - But then it's Gutix's last strike for victory, and his time is... 0'45"80 !!! He didn't know Zak's time but he overtook him anyway. Awesome motivation, impressive time ! who can beat Gutix when he is racing like that ?

 - Last event of the day : Mark improved his time and he did 0'47"65. Very good time again from the Italian racer.

As for me, sadly I had no time to race this step again and I remain at 0'51"50, behind SuperBrian's nice time sent on wednesday.

Therefore, Gutix is (again) the winner of this step, but congrats to Zak, CTG and Mark for their great times.

Gutix is now almost 5 seconds ahead of CTG at cumulative scoreboard of UK rally and except if he forgets to race last step, he should be the winner of this rally. But this third step was the second track in a row that Zak overtakes CTG. Only 1"35 between them at overall scoreboard for UK rally. Second place is still possible for Zak at this rally. Can CTG keep his second place ? Answer in one week.

Now, this is the very last rush, the very last week of this competition. Show me your skills with the LM0002 at UK-4 track. Enjoy !

13th December 2006 :

20H30 : After a huge racing day on monday, it was silent until SuperBrian improvement made today : 0'51"20 for him now.

11th December 2006 :

23H30 : Today is a good day : 5 new replays ! First, AbuRaf70 improved and bypassed the 1 minute limit with 0'59"15. Then, SuperBrain took the lead with a good time : 0'52"85. But not for a long time : CTG is the first one below the 50 seconds barrier with 0'49"95, taking the lead. As SuperBrian, he didn't stay on the top for long : Zak joined and exploded previous records with an atonishing time of 0'47"20 !!! With such a time compared to CTG's, this mean Zak overtakes CTG at cumulative scoreboard for this rally for only 0.4 seconds. Tough fight, I like that.

Mark and Gutix had not raced yet but they are warned : be fast, or be last ! A place on the podium will mean a time below 50 seconds for this step, that's sure now.

Last replay of the day : I raced tonight and improved my time to reach the provisionnal 3rd place with 0'51"50.

10th December 2006 :

20H00 : As usual, AbuRaf70 shows his motivation with a replay sent only a few hours after the track was released. 1'02"80 for him as a start. I also raced today, reaching 0'54"35. But I'm sure under 50 seconds is possible. Who will bypass this limit first ?

9th December 2006 :

20H30 : A lot of activity in the last day  after a quiet week. And to be honest I'm surprised that none of you manage to do a bug jump over water at the beginning to avoid the sharp dirt corners. It was hard to do, but possible. I did it but sadly it was with a test with auto gears with a previous version of the track without all the scenery. And I was unable to do it again with manual gears and the final track... If you want, Ican share this replay to let you see.

Now, let's do the update : 5 replays today : AbuRaf70 improved but remained the last driver behind the 1 minute limit with 1'00"35. Good time anyway.

Then, Mark L. Rivers finally joined with a replay only 0.1 second slower than the penalized replay of SuperBrian : 0'58"70.

Personnally, I did 0'57"05. Let's study the podiumers now : no improvement from CTG, so he finished 3rd of this step as Zak improved to reach 0'55"70. Not enough for Zak to compensate the 3 seconds of delay he got at the 1st step, but a good result for sure.

As for the winner, well, you guessed it I suppose : Gutix once again with a marvelous replay of 0'53"80. Well done ! But I'm sure the winning time could have been 2 seconds better with the 1st cut mentionned before.

Now, let's go for the 3rd step with the Audi. Happy racing.

7th December 2006 :

23H30 : Numerous replays today. AbuRaf70 improved (1'01"30 now for him) and put me at the last place, Gutix and CTG joined, doing respectively 0'57"30 and 0'55"95. And also I got a replay from superBrian (who had missed the 1st step and so gets the worst 1st place time + 1 sec, that is 0'53"95). And SuperBrian did... 0'55"60 ! Does he takes the lead ? Sadly for him, no because he got 3 seconds penalty at the finish and so his time is only 0'58"60. which is quite good anyway.

Now, will we see a racer below the 55 seconds limit ? Answer soon.

6th December 2006 :

20H00 : Quiet week so far for WRC Stunts. But 2 replays today : AbuRaf70 did 1'04"50 and I did just a little bit better with 1'04"10 as a start. I'll have more time to race tomorrow, so expect an improvement.

4th December 2006 :

20H30 : The first replay for step 2 has been received : Zak start the battle with 56"25. Quite good.

I'm quite busy this week and I don't know if I'll be able to race until thusrday. We'll see...

2nd December 2006 :

23H30 : Sorry for the delay, I had no access to computer tonight until now. What happened tonight ? 2 new replays from CTG and Mark. Sadly, nobody else joined this first step, let's hope to see new racers at second step.

Now, on to the result : Mark takes the 4th place with a time just below the 50 seconds limit : 49"95. And CTG... failed in overtaking Gutix ! Althought he did a marvelous time of 46"90, CTG had to stop behind Gutix, winner of this 1st step with his previous 46"15.

Now, let's go to the second step with the Lancia. Happy racing everyone.

12H00 : 3 new replays : Gutix seem to fear CTG and Zak, so he improved again and he is now leading with a time of 46"15 !!! Can anyone catch him ? Maybe Zak, who takes the provisionnal 2nd place for the moment with a good 49"50. s for me, I improved again my time but remain behind the 50 seconds limit with 50"70. this is officially my last time for this step. Mark, AbuRaf70 and the others, start your engine and try to catch my 4th place. J

1st December 2006 :

23H00 : First day of December, the day chosen by Gutix to send a rocket ! 48"10. Impressive time. CTG's reaction is expected. Deadline is tomorrow, many positions can change again : Zak has sent no replay, nor SuperBrian or Diesel Joe. And Mark and AbuRaf70 can improve too. We'll see...

30th November 2006 :

23H00 : Only one new replay from me today, taking back the 2nd place with 51"90.

29th November 2006 :

20H30 : Today is Aburaf70's day ! The Argentinian improved again and takes the second place of the track so far with 52"95. But beware : Gutix, Zak and the others have yet not started to race this track...

28th November 2006 :

22H30 : CTG joins the rally and he destroyed the 50 seconds barrier ! 49"85 for him. Well done !

Meanwhile, AbuRaf70 improved and did a good 53"40. What a fight behind CTG : 3 racers in 0.3 second : AbuRaf70, Mark L. Rivers and me. Nice, it makes me motivated, I go to race this track again, right now. See you tomorrow.

27th November 2006 :

23H30 : 2 new replays today : first, AbuRaf70 joins with a promising 54"65. Damn, does it mean I'm last ? No : I improved my time and reached 53"20, taking the lead. But it's far from over : this is only the beginning of the week and I suppose that CTG, Gutix or Zak will join soon and kick me out of the first place. Not counting Mark's and AbuRaf's improvements.

26th November 2006 :

18H00 : Here we go ! Mark L. Rivers and Krys Toff has begun the UK rally. Current leader is Mark with 53"50 and I'm second with 54"85.

00H30 : It took me a lot of time to update all scoreboard and write the review below, but now it's all finished. Let's go for the UK rally !


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