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 OLD NEWS of Corsica Rally :

30th October 2004 :

Here we are, the final update of Corsica rally.

3 new replays : one from Satanziege, one from Gutix and one from me.

And Gutix, with a last effort, is getting the victory for last step, a few milliseconds before Zak.

So, without suspense, with 4 victories on 4 races, GUTIX is the winner here on Corsica track. Congrats.

Final results of CORSICA rally are available HERE.


Let's study now the Drivers scoreboards :

     - Points classification : 3 racers in 2 points on the top : Zak, Gutix and me. Nice battle, but I think I know who will win...

     - Time classification : Zak is still leading, and he increased his advance on me. But Gutix may be able to catch us both during last 2 rallies. He is so powerful sometimes that anything is possible. But it will be hard to catch Zak anyway.

     - Steps classification : with 4 more steps victories, Gutix is easily leading here. No opposition for him it seems... Except that Zak almost got victoy on step 4 this rally ! So, Gutix is leading, but he is not unbeatable.


What about Teams scoreboards you may ask ? Well, I didn't forget, don't worry :

     - Points classification : with the help of Alan Rotoi, MeganiuM Aces High got more points this rally. Cork's Crew and Damage Inc. got the same amount of points. Overall, Cork's Crew is still easily leading so far. But Meganium is getting close to Damage Inc. for second place...

     - Time classification : time difference between Cork's Crew, current leader, and MeganiuM is now only 33 seconds. Can MeganiuM earn 17 seconds on each of last 2 rallies to get 1st place ? Maybe, maybe... Answer in 2005.

     - Steps classification : same as drivers' one : Gutix is alone in the World, so MeganiuM is easily leading.


Thanks for those who raced this rally and I hope to see more racers for next one.

See you in 2005 for the last 2 rallies of WRC Stunts.


27th October 2004 :

Zak McKracken is proving once again that LM0002 is one of his favorite cars by taking the lead of Corsica 4 !

Well done Zak. Maybe Gutix's victory streak is going to end... J

26th October 2004 :

Corsica 4 is not a difficult track, just a few jumps and corners.

So, victory for Corsica 4 will be a question of corner speed. And, so far, Gutix is leading again.

23rd October 2004, 21H00 GMT+1:

Each time I think something impossible, Gutix proves me I'm wrong : he did a time under 1 minute for Corsica 3 !!!

As nobody else improved, Gutix won step 3 and it will be now almost impossible for him to loose victory in this rally.

This is the last week of competition for this rally now, enjoy the easy race of Corsica 4 with LM0002. J

23rd October 2004, 19H00 GMT+1:

Some replays received yesterday and today from Diesel Joe, Gutix and me.

Gutix is leading this step just before Bonzai joe. They are both just slower than 1 minute.

Will we see in the last hour a racer going under 1 minute on Corsica 3...?

21st October 2004 :

3 new replays today : one from Zak McKracken, one from Satanziege, and one from me.

19th October 2004 :

Bonzai joe is joining Corsica rally with a great time ! Welcome back. J

16th October 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

Wow, another atonishing time from Gutix and another step victory for him.

With 10 seconds in advance so far with the 2nd driver (Zak McKracken), he is now almost sure to win Corsica rally.

But battle for podium will be hard ! Let's see how you guys will do with step 3. Race and enjoy it with Audi. J

16th October 2004, 15H00 GMT+1 :

I recieved 2 new replays : an improvement from Diesel Joe, current 2nd of step 2 behind Alan Rotoi, and a 1st replay from Zak McKracken who is 3rd in step so far but who is also 1st overall at this moment as Gutix has not sent any replay for step 2... But deadline is in a few hours so we'll see...

15th October 2004 :

I improved my time for step 2 under one minute and I'm leading the overall time for Corsica rally so far.

But I'm sure (I hope) I'll get other replays until dealine saturday evening...

12th October 2004 :

Another racer joined : Alan Rotoi, with a very fast time. He is leader for step 2 so far.

Also, a time from Diesel Joe, Satnziege and me were made. It's funny to see Satanziege and I made exactly the same time !

9th October 2004, 21H00 GMT+1 :

Well, no new racer sadly (where are CTG, Bonzai Joe or Alan Rotoi ?), but a last improvement from Satanziege and me.

2nd track is now available, race it with Lancia delta Integrale. Happy racing.

9th October 2004, 17H00 GMT+1 :

Many replays received yesterday and this morning, one coming from diesel Joe, a new racer in this competition. J

Go on, deadline for step one is approaching fast and gutix is current leader.

7th October 2004 :

At last I finally got a replay from someone : Satanziege is the man, and he is the current leader.

2nd October 2004 :

There it is ! 1st track of the 4th WRC Stunts rally. Happy racing everyone.

30th September 2004 :

Official beginning of the 4th WRC Stunts rally, after a too long break, is now known :

2nd of October 2004, 21H00 GMT+1. The races will take place in the French island of Corsica.

BE THERE, I'm expecting you. J


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