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 OLD NEWS of Italian Rally :

27th September 2003 :

Replay from Tweey Bird and Daffy Duck.

No replay from MeganiuM racers...L

And the winner of the rally is... BONZAI JOE !

He missed the 1st step, but managed to win the 3 others and deserves his victory.

And Cork's Crew domination is complete because his team-mate, Zak Mc Kracken, is second in overall scoreboard.

3rd place is taken by Krys Toff, Orion team.

At he 4th place, another Orionian : Alain il Professore. He could have been in the podium if he had raced more seriously.

Deception for our winner of the 1st step, Alan Rotoi, who finishes only at the 6th place, behind Neil Mc Rae who finished at a good 5th place...!

7th and 8th place are for our young racers, the Warner Bros.

And last place is for Mushi, who finally sent only one replay (for Italy-1) but after the deadline.

 26th September 2003 :

Bonzai Joe sent a replay for Italy-4 and takes the lead easily.

Remember that deadline is tomorrow, Saturday 27th, 22H00 GMT+1.

22nd  September 2003 :

New replay for Italy-4 from Neil Mc Rae, comfortably installed at the 6th place. Zak stays leader.

And a replay from Alain who takes the 2nd place of step 4 for now, but he only stays 5th in cumulative time.

21st  September 2003 :

No more replay received for Italy-3. Bonzai Joe is the winner. It's his 2nd step victory in a row !

And Cork's Crew team victory is almost done now.

Let's see who will win Italy-4... Oh, There's 2 replays for it already. J And Zak takes the lead.

20th  September 2003 :

19H00 GMT+1 : I improved my time, but stay behind Cork's Crew drivers. Still nothing from Alain, Alan and Mushi...L

16H00 GMT+1 : 4 new replays received : Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck, Bonzai Joe (new leader) and a second replay from Zak Mc Kracken.

I also read in Zak's forum that Mingva decided to officially retire from this competition...L

His choice. Wrong choice I think, but I can't force him to race...

By the way, it changes then the worst result of the 1st step (that is now mine, *sic*) and so improves the results of racers who didn't took part in the 1st step by 0.25 second !!! Marvelous, isn't it ? J

09H00 GMT+1 :  received 2 replays yesterday : one from Neil Mc Rae and one from Zak Mc Kracken, who is the leader in Italy-3 now..

18th  September 2003 :

Fixed problem of cheated cars pack, sorry... Now you can download it.

16th  September 2003 :

1st replay from me, auto gears, on this short tricky track.

But I hope to get other replays soon. J

15th  September 2003 :

No replay from Mushi for Italy-2 : worse time +1 second....

Let's hope to see a real time from him for Italy-3.

Tweety's Italy-2 replay finally found in the hard drive and added in scoreboard. Now, Tweety's is before Mingva !

14th  September 2003 :

 Italy-3 is one the way, don't forget to download the cheated cars pack if you had not done it yet

because the car used for this step (the Coconut car Coronet Pulsar STi-R) is in it.

13th  September 2003 :

 Italy-2 final rush.

23H00 GMT+1 :

1/ Bonzai Joe wins the second step, but Alan Rotoi stays the leader of the rally.

Will he stay leader until the end...?

2/ One replay finally received from Mushi, but it's the Italy-1 replay !!!

 Sorry, this is now one entire week late, I can't accept it, mailbox problems or not.

But, exceptionnaly, I allowed Mushi to send his Italy-2 replay before Sunday 15th, 24H00 GMT+1. After that, I won't accept it. Maybe in his computer clock is one week late...J

3/ I dunno where Tweety saved his replay, I'll look the hard drive for it tomorrow and add it in the scoreboard tomorrow. All I remember is that it was shortly better than Daffy's.

17H00 GMT+1 : 4 replays received : Alan Rotoi, Daffy Duck, Zak Mc Kraken and a new racer : Bonzai Joe, who takes the lead on this step, but only 2nd in cumulative time.

Still no news from Mushi....

11H00 GMT+1 : Improvement from Krys Toff (hey, it's me J), still no replay from other racers except Neil's.

10th  September 2003 :

1st replays for 2nd track and a new racer : Neil Mc Rae.

Also, I had a reclamation from Mushi, saying he sent a replay last week but I didn't received anything...

As I had problems last week with my provider (mailbox full of false provider admin full of a virus ==> I deleted all) maybe the mail was deleted in the process...

That's why I accepted his reclaim. Now I wait for his replays. J

7th  September 2003 :

1st step is over, won by Alan Rotoi.

Nice effort of warner Bros team racers, but they couldn't finish their replays because of a lack of speed on the final jump of the track... So they both ended their race in the river.

Now, let's go for the second step, with Lancia Delta Integrale now !

6th  September 2003 :

Last day to send your replays for the 1st step of Italian rally. Deadline is tonight 22H GMT+1.

5th September 2003 :

Alan Rotoi takes the lead to Zak by far !

31st August 2003 :

1st rally starts today ! 1st track is designed for original Audi Quattro Sport car.

Track is quite easy, so I hope to see many drivers make war for milliseconds. J


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